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"Life's journey: From the crucible of war to the precision of numbers,

the nurturing of young minds, and the boundless

possibilities of the digital realm.

Wisdom transcends roles."

Foster A Learning Household

Empowering parents as architects of curiosity, shaping

resilient minds through shared exploration,

wisdom, and continuous discovery.


H. Le Spencer, M.Ed.

I’m a 76-year-old solopreneur in today’s society

– a non-retired baby boomer

– Let’s Go!

H Le embarked on his accounting journey in the corporate realm, navigating taxes and reports. Though bookkeeping was pivotal, his true joy emerged from client interactions and strategic enhancement. Today, he captains Education Fever, shaping its course in business and technology!


Welcome to our Projects Page, where we foster a Learning Household for parents with young children. Our diverse categories encompass Education, Reading, Math, Science, and US Marines, offering a holistic approach to your child's development. In Education, we provide tools and resources to enhance your child's knowledge and skills. Our Reading section encourages a love for reading, nurturing their curiosity and imagination. Math and Science offer hands-on activities, sparking their interest in problem-solving and discovery. Lastly, our US Marines segment connects your family to the nation's heritage and fosters a deep understanding of the Constitution, instilling values of discipline and citizenship. Explore our projects and embark on a journey of learning and growth with your young ones.

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