About Harold LeRoy Spencer Jr.

H Le (Lee) Spencer


Age 21

Just Discharged from USMC

Franklin Nicholas Spencer

About 1874

Age 38

My Great Grandfather

In a captivating juxtaposition spanning generations, the resemblance between my great grandfather, Franklin Nicholas Spencer, taken at age 38 in an 1874 vintage photograph, and myself, H Le (Lee) Spencer, at 21 in 1968, is nothing short of astonishing. The sepia tones of the past give life to a striking parallel as we both share an uncanny likeness in pose, hairstyle, mustache, and facial features. It's as if time itself has woven a tapestry of familial echoes, creating a visual doppelganger effect that transcends eras. The military ID photo taken upon my discharge from the Marine Corps inadvertently unveils this familial symmetry, offering a poignant testament to the enduring threads of family resemblance that weave through the tapestry of time. This intriguing connection serves as a witness to the enduring legacy that binds generations together, providing a captivating narrative for my self-discovery.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

I snapped this photo immediately after my discharge from the Corps in November 1968. The reason for this impromptu photo session was my desire to have a mustache included in my military ID. The circumstances were rather chaotic in the discharge center at El Toro Air Base where I received my discharge, and as a result, I was handed an ID that hadn’t been laminated and had no photo. Subsequently, I took the photo myself and then took the initiative to laminate the ID to make it official. In my youth, I held an idealistic view of the significance of such details. Looking back, however, the importance of that moment has gradually diminished.

"This photograph was captured by my dear friend Craig Peterman back in December 1967, during the time when "D" Company of the 9th Engineer Battalion found itself stationed at the DMZ, at a location known as Ca Lu Combat Base."

A Patriotic Service (1966-1968)

In his youth, H Le made a selfless commitment to his country by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. During his service, he spent a year at the 1st Marine Air Wing in Cherry Point, North Carolina, honing his skills and preparing for the challenges that lay ahead. His unwavering dedication and sense of duty led him to the frontlines, where he spent 13 months in Vietnam, a period that would leave an indelible mark on his life.
Valor in the Face of Adversity
H Le’s service in Vietnam took him to the heart of the conflict, where he was stationed with a Korean Marine Infantry company in Hoi An south of Da Nang during the Tet Offensive of 1968. It was during these intense and challenging times that his courage and commitment to his fellow marines shone brightly. For his exceptional valor and unwavering dedication to his duty, H Le was awarded the Navy Marine Corps Medal, an honor that recognizes extraordinary heroism and selflessness in the face of danger.

H Le’s military service and the accolades he earned are a testament to his resilience and unyielding spirit, qualities that have continued to drive him in his diverse career pursuits. His experiences as a Marine instilled in him a profound sense of discipline, leadership, and the ability to confront adversity with courage and determination.

Accounting (1969-2000)

H Le’s career began as an accountant in the bustling city of San Gabriel, California, in 1969. With a keen focus on taxation, he quickly established himself as a trusted expert in the field. One of the most rewarding aspects of his profession was working closely with small business owners, guiding them through the intricate world of taxation and financial management. His consultative approach helped countless entrepreneurs navigate the complex financial landscape, enabling them to pursue their business aspirations with confidence.
In 1999, H Le took a momentous decision by selling his bookkeeping and tax company. This marked the end of one chapter in his professional journey but opened the door to a new and exciting adventure.

Educator (2000-2010)

With an unwavering commitment to education, H Le transitioned into a second career, driven by a deep-seated passion to empower the future generation. He stepped into the world of teaching, spending a decade as a 1st and 4th-grade teacher. H Le’s dedication to his students and the craft of teaching shone through, and he didn’t stop at being just an educator. He pursued higher education, earning a master’s degree in education and a reading credential, further enhancing his ability to positively impact the lives of young learners.

Digital Pioneer (Present)

As the digital age continues to reshape our world, H Le adapts and thrives. He has once again found a new calling, combining his extensive knowledge of small business dynamics with the latest digital innovations. In the current landscape, he serves as a trusted business consultant, with a renewed emphasis on a company’s digital footprint. H Le leverages the power of video content and social media marketing to help small business owners expand their reach, engage their audience, and navigate the complexities of the online world.
Today, He continues to serve, albeit in a different capacity, as an educator, business consultant, and digital marketing strategist. His unique blend of experiences, from the battlefield to the boardroom, has made him a well-rounded professional, and he remains an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing him.
H Le’s life story reflects the values of service, honor, and adaptability, making him a source of inspiration to those who aim to excel in both their professional and personal journeys.

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